Inquiry // How might I create more
independence for someone with limited arm/hand mobility?
First, I listened to peoples' stories.
And compiled a list of common challenges
Since I'm not a doctor, I focused on daily living challenges, such as:
I chose to focus on sweeping as case study, and started with the following:
Observation: People sweep in various positions, but a rotating motion is most common. Rotational movement requires two hands.
My goal: Design a way to sweep using a single arm.
Developing the Solution
Using forearm crutches as inspiration, I explored various hand grip positions combined with a forearm cuff.
Functional Testing

A rounded cuff-like shape stays on the arm, provides the most leverage.
Refining the Solution
In conjunction with foam core prototypes, I sketched out various means of gripping a bar, even examining a fencers' handgrip at one point.
Final Design Direction

A simple cuff-like shape with a horizontal bar does the trick! A nod to Michael Graves' cleaning products provides materials and shape inspiration. 
Final Rendering
Features and Benefits

Easy snap on/off clip to remove the handle. The “Single Sweep” handle could be used with a broom, but also with a mop, a vacuum cleaner, etc. 
Material: molded ABS plastic with soft-to-the-touch inner coating.
Rubber coating on cross bar to increase grip.
Broom handle adjusts to allow for a people of various heights to use it comfortably. 
Designed for right or left handed users
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