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Email: hannah.chatham@gmail.com | Phone: 661.466.9515 | based out of San Francisco, CA
My Story
I am originally from the high desert of Southern California, and have made my way up the coast to Northern California, as of 2014.
I have a passion for any social enterprise work that empowers those in need by way of human centered, empathetic design.
These Values Drive My Work
Optimism. Firstly, I reach for hope of change in the world. I realize life is never static, and bad scenarios have the potential to be changed for the good. I am hopeful.
Empathy.  I can never bring a lofty "hope of change" without the humilty of putting myself in someone else's shoes first. Thus, empathy is essential. 
Learning. Ultimately, service-oriented work is more about continually learning and growing. I love to learn and so any opportunity to learn will drive me forward.
Clear Vision. It is easy to be idealistic, it is harder to be specific and drive real change in the gritty day-to-day. However, I know this value of clear vision and leadership (of myself firstly) must be included in all I do.
Beauty. As I am in a visually creative line of work, I believe in the value and positive life-changing power of beauty. 
I'm all about the intersection of social impact, design education, and empowerment.

Empowering Women 
Ever heard that phrase, "give a man to fish and he eats for a day, teach him how to fish and he eats for life"?  I heartily agree. In August 2014, I had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic (with UNA VIDA) and work with my good friend to empower women in a jewelry-making social enterprise called Madres. I strongly believe the best way to serve others in need is to come alongside them and join them as they grow themselves.

Empowering Youth
During Spring of 2015, I volunteered as a class aid with Studio H, an elective course at REALM Charter School in Berkeley, CA. Studio H is an awesome organization and I enjoyed every moment of talking design with middle school age kids. They have the best ideas!
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